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England and the Devon and Cornwall Peninsula by David Fenwick.

Flatworms (Platyhelminthes) and Nemertine Worms (Nemertea)
Tricladida (Order) > Continenticola (Suborder) > Geoplanoidea (Superfamily) > Geoplanidae (Family)

Terrestrial Flatworms (Native Species)

Microplaninae (Subfamily)

Microplana scharffi (von Graff, 1896)
- A native terrestrial flatworm

Microplana terrestris (Müller, 1774)
- A native terrestrial flatworm

Microplana species (10.05.13)
- A native terrestrial flatworm

Terrestrial Flatworms (Possibly Native Species)

Rhynchodeminae (Subfamily) >
Rhynchodemini (Tribe)

Rhynchodemus sylvaticus (Leidy, 1851)
- Snake-headed Flatworm

Terrestrial Flatworms (Non-native Species)

Rhynchodeminae (Subfamily) > Anzoplanini (Tribe)

Marionfyfea adventor
- Cambridgeshire or Many-eyed Flatworm (non-native)

Rhynchodeminae (Subfamily) >
Caenoplanini (Tribe)

Artioposthia exulans Dendy, 1901
- A non-native terrestrial flatworm

(A new UK record from Newlyn, Cornwall)

Australoplana sanguinea (Moseley, 1877)
- Australian Flatworm

Caenoplana coerulea (Moseley, 1877)
- Australian Blue Garden Flatworm

Kontikia andersoni Jones, 1981
- A non-native terrestrial flatworm

Kontikia ventrolineata (Dendy, 1892)
- A non-native terrestrial flatworm

Parakontikia coxii (Fletcher & Hamilton, 1888)
- A non-native terrestrial flatworm

Unknown non-native species of terrestrial flatworm,
Skimmel Bridge, Penzance, Cornwall, 25.11.16.

(A new UK record from Penzance, Cornwall)

WANTED - Specimen of the New Zealand Flatworm, Arthurdendyus triangulatus, for photographic purposes.

Freshwater Flatworms (Native Species)

Tricladida (Order) > Continenticola (Suborder) > Geoplanoidea (Superfamily) > Dugesiidae (Family)

Dugesia polychroa - A native freshwater flatworm

Tricladida (Order) > Continenticola (Suborder) > Planarioidea (Superfamily) > Planariidae (Family)

Polycelis felina - A native freshwater flatworm
Polycelis tenuis - A native freshwater flatworm


Terrestrial / Non-native species of Nemertines
or Smiling Worms (Nemertea)

Nemertea (Phylum) > Enopla (Class) > Hoplonemertea (Subclass) > Monostilifera (Order) > Eumonostilifera (Suborder) > Acteonemertidae (Family)

Argonemertes dendyi (Dakin, 1915)
- A non-native terrestrial nemertine

Argonemertes sp. (c.f. Argonemertes australiensis)
- A non-native terrestrial nemertine or Smiling worm

(New UK record from Heamoor, Penzance, Newlyn.)

Argonemertes sp. (c.f. Argonemertes dendyi)
- A non-native terrestrial nemertine or Smiling worm

(New UK record from Heamoor, Cornwall.)

Argonemertes sp.
- Various undetermined terrestrial nemertines

Both Argonemertes sp. c.f. above have been sequenced at the Natural History Museum and have be found to be unique species. They are currently waiting to be described.

WANTED - Specimen of Antiponemertes pantini, a terrestrial nemertine, for photographic purposes.

All the species listed above were found within a few miles of Penzance, with many being found in the authors garden. Many could be reasonably common in this part of Cornwall.

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A big thank you to Dr. Hugh Jones, a flatworm specialist, for his help and advice on the identification of species that feature on this page.

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