An online educational resource dedicated to the photography of
terrestrial wildlife and their habitats, found across South-West
England and the Devon and Cornwall Peninsula by David Fenwick.

Alder Flies, Snake Flies and Lacewings (Neuroptera images)
Neuroptera (Order) > Hemerobiiformia (Suborder) > Hemerobiidae (Family) > Microminae (Subfamily)

Brown Lacewings (Hemerobiidae)

Hemerobius humulinus Linnaeus, 1761
- A Brown Lacewing

Micromus variegatus (Fabricius, 1793)
- Brown Lacewing

Neuroptera (Order) > Hemerobiiformia (Suborder) > Chrysopidae (Family)

Common and Green Lacewings (Chrysopidae)

Chrysopid Lacewings
A collection of Chrysopid Lacewing images

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