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Mites, Gall Mites and Ticks (Arachnida Images)
Gall Mites

Aceria campestricola syn. Aceria ulmicola
- Small-leaved Elm pustule gall or Common elm leaf gall

Aceria drabae - A Gall mite
Aceria fraxinivorus - Cauliflower gall mite or Ash key gall
Aceria ilicis - A felt gall mite of Holm Oak, Quercus ilex
Aceria macrorhynchus - A Gall mite
Aceria origani - Marjoram gall mite
Aceria pseudoplatani - Felt gall mite
Aceria thomasi - Thyme gall mite

Aculops fuchsiae - Fuchsia gall mite

Aculus craspedobius ? - A Willow leaf gall mite
Aculus rubiae (Roivainen, 1953) ?
- A gall mite of Rubia peregrina, Wild Madder

Cecidophyes rouhollahi - Bedstraw gall mite

Cecidophyopsis ribis - Blackcurrant big bud mite

Eriophyes avellanae - Hazel Big-bud gall mite
Eriophyes inangulis - Alder leaf gall mite
Eriophyes laevis - Alder leaf gall mite
Eriophyes leionotus - A Birch leaf gall mite
Eriophyes padi - Plum leaf gall mite
Eriophyes tiliae - Lime leaf gall mite

Geocrypta galii - A Gall mite



Oribatida (Order) > Brachypylina (Infraorder) > Ceratozetoidea (Superfamily) > Euzetidae (Family)

Euzetes globulus ? - A Poronoticine oribatid mite

Oribatida (Order) > Brachypylina (Infraorder) > Damaeoidea (Superfamily) > Damaeidae (Family)

Family Damaeidae - An Oribatid mite
- On fungus at Lamorna , Cornwall. 30.10.16.

Oribatida (Order) > Mixonomata (Suborder) >
Euptyctima (Infraorder)

Cohort Mixonomata
Infra-order Euptyctima - Box Mite -1

Mesostigmata (Order) > Monogynaspida (Suborder) > Parasitoidea (Superfamily) > Parasitidae (Family)

Family Parasitidae - Deutonymphs on D'or beetle

Mesostigmata (Order) > Monogynaspida (Suborder) > Uropodoidea (Superfamily) > Uropodidae (Family)

Family Uropodidae - Urpodine or Turtle Mite -1

Astigmatina mites (Sarcoptiformes)

Sarcoptiformes (Order) > Acaridia (Suborder) > Acaroidea (Superfamily) > Acaridae (Family)

Hypopi, deutonymphs of Astigmatina mites, possibly
family Acaridae, on millipedes in leaf litter.

Phoretic mites (Prostigmata - Erythraeoidea)

Trombidiformes (Order) > Prostigmata (Suborder) > Erythraeoidea (Superfamily) > Erythraeidae (Family)

Leptus species ? - A Phoretic Mite

Earth and Velvet Mites (Prostigmata - Trombidioidea)

Trombidiformes (Order) > Prostigmata (Suborder) > Anystides (Supercohort) > Trombidioidea (Superfamily) > Trombidiidae (Family)

Trombidium holosericeum - Red / Velvet / Earth mite

Sucking Mites (Prostigmata - Tydeoidea)

Trombidiformes (Order) > Prostigmata (Suborder) > Tydeoidea (Superfamily) > Ereynetidae (Family) > Riccardoellinae (Subfamily)

Riccardoella limacum ? - A Slug mite

Water Mites (Prostigmata - Hydrachnidia)

Trombidiformes (Order) > Prostigmata (Suborder) > Hydrachnidia (Suborder)

Hydracarina species - A Water Mite



Hard Bodied Ticks

Ixodes hexagonus - Hedgehog tick ?
Ixodes ricinus - Sheep / Pasture deer tick / Castor bean

Mites to identify

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